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Here you can download the free Action Planner that accompanies my book ‘How to Change the World’.

But isn’t everything already in the book? Why have a separate Action Planner? Because it’s ideas from me and other people that are in the book – so the Action Planner is there to help you to develop your ideas.

How does it help you? It has over 50 worksheets asking you questions that will clarify your thinking and reveal opportunities for you. It also has mind-map, note-space and creative thinking pages. And because you can’t do it all at once, and certainly won’t need to do it all, the Action Planner starts with four spider diagrams that will help you work out your own priorities.

Your Action Planner can be a journal where you keep all your ideas in one place and come back to them when you’re ready – and it will help you track your progress, too.

And check out the Toolbox – 30 free tools to use with the Action Planner!

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