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Welcome to the resource page for the book How to Change the World!

You’ve just taken a big step towards realising your dreams of successful environmental training.

Here you can find an Action Planner and a Toolbox of templates, checklists, case studies and other useful things to make it even easier for you to develop your own sensationally successful environmental training.

Whether you work in business, government, HR, training or the not-for-profit sector, my book and the FREE resources on this page are for you. They will help you form lasting partnerships that sustain our environment, our communities and our economy.

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Download the free Action Planner that accompanies my book ‘How to Change the World’. It has over 50 worksheets as well as mind-map, note-space and creative thinking pages. And because you can’t do it all at once, it starts with a series of four spider diagrams to help you work out your own priorities.

The Success Framework


After observing many different environmental training programmes,
seven essential elements that contribute to their success assembled themselves into what I now call the Success Framework. These elements work for businesses, governments and not-for-profits and are generic to any environmental jurisdiction.
You populate the elements of the framework according to your own organization’s needs and locally significant environmental issues and goals.
Already doing training? Whether you want to set up or enhance an environmental training programme or better evaluate its outcomes, the Success Framework will help you do that.


30+ tips, templates,
checklists and more


Go to a page with lots of free resources that will save you time as you set up your environmental training programme. They include standard letters, standard forms, checklists and more. Many are in MS Word or PowerPoint so that you can easily adapt them to meet your own needs.

The Success Framework

Success Framework + Unique Approach = Exponential Process => More people making a bigger difference faster!

Using my unique exponential process, you don’t have to be an expert on every environmental issue – just on my Success Framework.

Together we can help more environmental experts to deliver great training and use the Planetary Training Model to measure their results.