The construction sector is the shining hope for rapid economic recovery from the harsh necessities of sensible pandemic management: globally, it’s always been a big employer and a major contributor to GDP.

It’s also increasingly seen as a way to deliver multiple benefits – social, cultural and environmental as well as economic; and the shift in our language shows this. Here in Aotearoa New Zealand we started talking about “shovel-ready” projects that merit a fast start as we emerge from lockdown to keep firms afloat and workers in jobs. Now Infrastructure New Zealand is supporting “shovel-worthy” projects that, as CEO Paul Blair said1, recognise that “Infrastructure is a platform for further wellbeing – social, environmental and cultural as well as economic.”

The necessity for an economic “restart” is now seen as an opportunity for an economic “reset” that delivers across all four wellbeings, with our Minister of Finance, the Hon Grant Robertson, saying2 that the next wave of government work would focus on productivity, sustainability and inequality.

Well – guess what! Environmental training can deliver on those three outcomes and across all four wellbeings or all six (or seven!) capitals.

Not convinced?

Check out my short video on “How to measure the financial Return on Investment (ROI) of your environmental training.”

The video gives you just a glimpse of how the tools available to us from the worlds of business, government, environment and professional training open up a dazzling array of benefits across which we can measure the true effectiveness of our environmental training.

You know you need to learn about ROI if:

  • you’re struggling to justify the cost of your environmental training
  • your managers are asking about the actual benefits of your training
  • you don’t know how to measure how it contributes to real business outcomes.

If you can relate to one or more of those  difficulties, then you really need to understand what environmental actually does for your business.

Just three of the things ROI will tell you are the:

  1. TRUE cost of the small stuff we get wrong every day
  2. FULL cost of the occasional big mistake
  3. HUGE returns our training delivers.

An ROI analysis will help you to:

  • measure the results of your training across benefits your never thought of
  • be accountable for and able to keep improving your training results
  • show your managers what they’re getting for their money
  • help your manager persuade senior staff and directors
  • argue for budget
  • justify action.

What’s not to like? It’s absolutely vital for you to clearly articulate to your bosses and clients the benefits of your Environment & Sustainability training. People who have attended it say this workshop is also a must for your Health & Safety and Quality staff, too.

In my 1-day ROI workshop you will find out how:

  • one civil construction company clocked up a $150k loss from just one spill
  • another firm with 1000 staff saved $4 million in one year from better induction training with an investment of only $30,000. That’s a payback period of less than 3 days!

You will gain the skills and tools I’ve learned from coalface work with some great companies and some of the best professional trainers in New Zealand and overseas. You will:

  • bring along information about your own incidents & near misses to work out the costs of not doing your training
  • crunch the numbers on the financial benefits of your training across a wide range of vital business indicators
  • work with others facing the same issues to prepare a communication plan to explain the real value of what you do to the people that count.

“Enlightening workshop with potential real benefits to companies and staff development. I will recommend to our Group General Manager (and Directors) that a study of ROI be carried out.” National Development Manager, infrastructure support company.

You will work with real case studies and use my unique checklists to track the TRUE costs to your company of even small environmental incidents – and learn FOUR FORMULAE to calculate the REAL Return On Inve$tment of your environment and $ustainability training.

If you’re serious about demonstrating value for money from your environment and sustainability training, you really need to attend this workshop!

And here’s the link to the video again – find out how – and why – to measure the financial Return on Investment (ROI) of your environmental training here.

It’s time you saw the ROI on your environmental training as a core element of your corporate finances, on both the credit and the debit sides of the ledger.

It’s all about  – Learning for Life on Earth –

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