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How to measure and monetize the broader outcomes of your environmental and other training

The pressure is on for Shovel-Ready and other government projects: broader outcomes and construction skills and training are in the limelight. Bidders will be asked to describe their skills development and training practices and to consider broader outcomes; the secondary environmental, social, economic or cultural benefits that are generated from their project.

But exactly how do you measure the outcomes of your technical, environmental, quality and health & safety training? How will you measure and report the broader outcomes of the projects your people are working on?

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Set featured image 3 “Brave Blue World”

This wonderful documentary examines how new technologies and innovations are being adopted in countries all over the world to create a more sustainable, optimistic water future.

Water New Zealand and the Water Environment Federation (WEF) got together to screen this inspiring film, and I was honoured to be part of a panel discussion with Water New Zealand CEO Gillian Blythe.

The film itself is available in Netflix, and if you want to watch the panel discussion, If you would like to watch the Panel discussion, please email for a link.


Set featured image 4 “Shovel-ready Projects – where is the money going and do we agree?”

This webinar was hosted by the New Zealand branch of CIWEM, the UK-based and global Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management.

Graham Mitchell, CEO of Crown Infrastructure Partners (CIP), spoke about “Where is the money going?”, overviewing the shovel-ready projects selected for government funding.

I then spoke to the question “Do we agree?” You can find out what Graham and I had to say  in the webinar here.


Set featured image 5 Integrating your business approaches to Health & Safety and Environment & Sustainability

The NZ Institute of Safety Management invited me to explore the relationships between health & safety and environment & sustainability.

These two professions are highly skilled and views are divided on whether one staffer can do them both well or whether you really do need specialists for each aspect. Rather than coming from a place of “right or wrong views”, I looked at some considerations around environmental risk and compliance that support informed choices.

And regardless what your organization decides, there are plenty of organizational synergies between H&S and E&S. NZISM members can login here to watch the recording.