strategic  environmental   training


Here’s how I enhance your train.ability

What you will gain from my unique approach to environment and sustainability training:

  • strategy – work out what to do first based on the environmental risks and opportunities you face

  • value – use globally-accepted ways of measuring the outcomes of your training and environmental programmes

  • capability – develop the training expertise you need in a world desperately short of skills – especially environmental skills.

My suite of workshops allows you to access the training support you need when you need it.

Workshops that grow your train.ability

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Risk WorkshopStrategy Workshop

ROI WorkshopTrainer Workshop

PROGRAMME WorkshopAdvisor Workshop

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To meet your organizational and personal development needs, I deliver training on these six topics via public workshops, in-house workshops or online modules. Face-to-face options include:

  • a 5-day retreat

  • a 3-day bootcamp

  • a 1-day workshop

  • a ½-day masterclass

  • a keynote presentation.

I also provide specialist follow-up webinars and coaching, for ongoing support of your training strategy and programme development. My coaching is normally part of a package of consulting and training work, and aims to grow your long term in-house capability for environment and sustainability training.

We can talk about that as we discuss your training strategies and programmes and when you are choosing your topics from the suite of train.ability workshops.

You can find out more about each workshop by clicking on the links above.

Workshops that work for you – and make you work

You bring your environmental expertise to my workshops, along with your knowledge of the vision and objectives of your organization. I provide a set of frameworks that will challenge and support you to apply those two areas of expertise to the task of developing, delivering and evaluating the outcomes of excellent training.

You’ll be working before the workshop, while you’re fully engaged in it, and after you’ve got back to your workplace and need to apply your own specific learnings. Depending on the workshop content and the package you sign up for, here is an indication of what you might expect:


Depending on the workshop content and, for in-house training, your identified organizational outcomes, you will undertake:

  • a pre-workshop survey that enables me to tailor generic modules to the group’s needs

  • a practical activity that may involve collecting data you’ll need to work with, or that helps frame the workshop context and content.


Drawing on my many years of technical and strategic environmental training, you will enjoy:

  • a relaxed, collegial and stimulating environment for group activities and your own action planning, including sharing the results

  • minimal powerpoints that aid navigation and instruction without distracting from core content

  • a workbook that allows you to record key information and learnings, with essential detail tucked into appendices to keep your head and note-space clear

  • flip charts that record your thoughts and are placed on the wall for you to photograph

  • an evaluation that gives you and me great information about the effectiveness of the workshop.


To help you consolidate and apply your learnings, I offer different options depending on whether you attend a public or in-house workshop, such as:

  • a post-workshop practical activity

  • supporting information to help you and your team leader or manager co-evaluate your post-workshop and to apply your learnings and communicate them to others

  • an opportunity to take part in ongoing exchanges with each other and other trainees via moderated social media

  • electronic recognition of your learning that enables you to keep your own record of training.