Welcome to the home of
strategic environmental training.

Strategic environmental training is a breakthrough concept. It’s focused on outcomes. Learning outcomes. Organizational outcomes. Sector outcomes. Environmental outcomes. Sustainability outcomes.

It’s about Learning for Life on Earth.

Strategic environmental training uses the globally-accepted tools of professional trainers, environmental managers and sustainability accountants. When we fully align these three sets of powerful tools, they ensure our training helps humanity live happily within Planet Earth’s safe operating space.

Whether you’re a decision-maker or an environmental expert, whether you work in government, business or the not-for-profit sector, and whatever your issues of interest, here is where you learn to use globally-accepted methods to develop, deliver and evaluate great training that supports your progress towards achieving your legal, operational and aspirational goals.

Here’s where to find out how your environmental training
can help save the world.

If we are to sort out the climate, water, waste, food and other environmental issues humanity faces, every job must become a green job – and fast.

Training can help.

Here you can discover the seven factors common to successful environmental training programmes. Now you can be confident that you’ll be able to:

  • use a robust and proven framework for successful environmental training

  • target your training to help solve the serious environmental issues facing humanity

  • measure the progress you make towards your business, government and community vision and objectives

Government bodies at all levels, businesses of all kinds, professional and trades associations, indigenous peoples, not-for-profits and social enterprises can roll out environmental training to help us make the sustainability transition we need to make in the time we need it to happen.

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My Success Framework for environmental training programmes contains seven essential elements that will help your environmental training programme to be successful.

Professional trainers all around the world recognise five levels of evaluation of the effectiveness of training. I’ve added two more that reflect sustainability, to create seven levels to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your own environmental training.

Stock exchanges worldwide are requiring their listed companies to report on the value they add to six forms of capital, not just one (financial). In order to recognise the environmental contribution of first nations peoples, I’ve added indigenous capital, creating seven capitals across which your environmental training can add real, measurable value. In Aotearoa New Zealand, these equate to the four wellbeings.

The seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals promote human and environmental well-being. Each Goal has a set of indicators that we can measure. My Success Framework shows you how to align your environmental training programme with globally-endorsed and measurable sustainable development outcomes.

Surrounding the four inner components of my Planetary Training Model are the nine planetary biogeochemical boundaries defined by Johan Rockström of the Stockholm Resilience Centre and an international team of colleagues. Humanity has already exceeded some of these boundaries, which define a safe operating space for us and other species. My Success Framework shows you how your environmental training programme can make a positive difference to the boundaries relevant to your environmental training.